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45 Windshield Repair Resin


Crack Eraser 45 windshield chip glass repair resin is formulated for faster curing time and is good for warm weather and combination break repairs. It is slightly thicker than our 20 resin but still can be used in all chip repairs even stars. Some windshield repair technicians prefer a thicker resin with a faster cure time to speed up repairs especially in warm or hot climates where the windshield repair resin flows easily anyway.

Our windshield glass chip repair resin will help prevents flowering on hot days. We have bottle sizes for everyone from 6cc to Liters of resin. All resin is optically matched to glass and provides a durable strong bond that will not fail with years of temperature changes. You can depend on the same repair resins professional shops have built their business on.

Windshield repair chip and crack resins cure with a UV light source either from the sun or a UV light. If you are curing chip and crack resins with a UV lamp use one designed to produce UV light with a wavelength of 365nm or the resin will not cure properly.

The 45 windshield chip repair resin will cure even on a cloudy day because there is enough UV light to cure however after the sun goes down or when performing windshield repairs in a shop use a UV cure lamp designed to cure windshield repair resin.

Crack is your source for all your windshield repair resin needs. These chip and crack resins have been tested in severe climates and have performed wonderfully giving repair technicians the confidence they need that their repairs will last for years with no problems of yellowing or shrinking.

For further assistance on resin, selection call us at 719-331-5966 or email us at

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