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Pit Windshield Repair Resin

Pit filling after a windshield repair is a nice way to finish the repair and our Pit filler windshield repair resin can be polished to a high gloss just like glass. Our Pit filler resin is very thick so we designed a special tip for our 15cc bottle so the resin will flow out easily while dispensing the resin. No more fighting to get the resin out of the bottle or squeezing so hard the tip pops out and the resin you just purchased comes out and runs down the windshield wasting all the resin.

Our bottles also are black so the UV light does not contaminate the resin. Special bottles and tips are just some of the products we provide to the professional windshield repair technician. We have all your windshield repair needs covered and have specially designed resins and tools for all windshield repairs from chips to long cracks. Order from this site can be shipped anywhere in the world and the site will discount your order if you order quantities. So buy your liters here and save.


Use our Pit filler to repair large impacts.
You may also use our Pit filler windshield repair resin to fill in large pits that are bigger than your injector seal buy putting enough P resin in the pit and a cure tab over the pit to fill in the impact completely then you can drill through the tab and perform the repair. Our P resin is thick enough that it will not flow into the damage blocking the air pocket and path of the resin. This prevents the need for large pit adapters.

For more information or questions about our Pit filler windshield repair resin call us at 719-331-5966 or email us at

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