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Crack Eraser Windshield Repair Classes

Looking for an online windshield repair class? You've come to the right place! Our professional-level program is designed to give you the skills you need to fix windscreens like a pro. So what are you waiting for? Purchase today and get started on your new career!

Video training is a great way to become certified in windshield repair. You'll learn the physics of damage and how it affects your work, as well as videos that show you each tool with its assembly instructions for when we get out there! 

Next - A deep dive into the different resins needed for windshield repair - especially the precise mix of resins needed for successful crack repair is provided.  Finally, there are hours and hours of online videos showcasing actual repairs on customer vehicles in the field.  We start with the basics of crack and chip repair for the most likely damage and work up to complex repairs with multiple legs and combined chip, crack cases. 

The Video training is important to understand the *real* business of crack repair versus repairing a "fake" chip on a piece of windshield glass in any windshield repair classes.  Nothing beats the real-world examples provided by Tim Evans and other professionals trained by Tim.  As a bonus, we also include a section on what to do when things go wrong...because you know they will.  Windshield damage is different in every case because they are typically caused by rocks that are obviously random in shape and size. Real-world videos provided by Crack Eraser will prepare you to succeed in the real world.  In addition to the video training, you will also be added to the Crack Eraser monthly newsletter where we provide additional detailed Pro Tips as well as a different deal each month on supplies, tools, and kits. 

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