Fix Windshield Chips & Windshield Cracks With Ease!

Crack and Chip Tools

WINDSHIELD CRACK REPAIR TOOLS provides only the highest quality windshield crack repair tools. Our patented technology has been used on more than 200,000 vehicles with a 99% success rate. All kits come with a lifetime warranty and we can proudly say our patended windshield repair tools are "Made in the U.S".


We have a patented windshield repair tool for every job. If you require a quick and easy fix simply grab one of the Dual Headed injector tools. This tool is easy to operate and offered as an economic alternative so more technicians can take advantage of our patented technology.  For more complicated cracks we offer the quick vac triple threaded injector and the molded piston headed injector. Most windshield repairs take less than 5 minutes to complete. The triple start treads allow for adjusting the repair tool in one turn making this the fastest chip repair tool for windshield repair you will find today. Our windshield crack repair tools are easy to use, affordable and strengthen the damaged area once you're done.


Crack Eraser Quick Vac Chip Repair Tool with Lever Suction Cup

Most windshield repairs take less than 5 minutes to complete. The triple start treads allow for adjusting the repair tool in one turn making this the fastest chip repair tool for windshield repair you will find today. Crack Quick Vac repair tool with lever suction cup seldom needs to be cleaned because the treads do not contact the resin and are hidden so no Ultra Violet light can cure resin on the threads. The Quick Vac injector uses only 2 drops of resin to perform a chip repair.

Quick Vac hard coated anodized tools are guaranteed for life and are simple and easy to use and give a consistent result each and every time. We put over 30 years of experience in our technology and use the same tools in our own business today.


Crack Eraser Dual Head Injector Windshield Crack Repair Bridge for Long Crack Repair up to 24 inches

Aluminum dual head injector and Aluminum bridge injects two resins into a crack at the same time.

Patented dual injector with multi viscosity technology makes long crack repair simple and eliminates the need for switching resins as the cracks gap expands from the tip to the edge, no more guessing what viscosity of resin to use to bridge the gap on the long crack.

Aluminum repair tool with aluminum dual injector comes with suction cups but does not include the extension arm, bolts to hold the extension arm on, resins, o-rings and injector seals, they must be ordered separately.
They extension arm hold down bolts are an 8x32 bolt available at most hardware stores or you may order 2 more suction cups and use the threaded side of the cups as an alternative to bolts.


Crack Eraser Aluminum Dual Head Injector Bridge with Molded Dual Injector

Want to do long crack repair and need an economical repair tool? Adding long crack repair can add to your bottom line and our technology makes long crack repair easy.

We now offer a long crack repair tool with our Aluminum Bridge and molded dual injector. This molded dual injector works the same as our Aluminum dual injector but is an economical alternative for repairing windshield cracks up to 24 inches.

Our Patented Windshield Repair Tool slides along the crack and injects two resins simultaneously. All Crack windshield repair tools came with a lifetime warranty and our used in our own windshield repair shops, molded tools offer good value and perform close to the same as our molded versions.


Crack Eraser Molded Windshield Chip Repair Tool

Looking for an economical chip repair tool? Well it is finally here with this molded bridge and single injector repair tool you now have a low cost alternative chip repair system that can perform repairs just like the expensive tools but at a reduced cost.

Crack molded Quick Vac tools are made of high impact resin and will last for years and come with a lifetime warranty.

This is a complete windshield chip repair tool with adjusting bolt and suction cups and O-Rings. These tools are great for the professional windshield repair shop or Do It Your Self chip and long crack repair. Repair tool is designed for both chips and long cracks and uses the same patented design as the more expensive Quick Vac tools. The resin is in contact with the threads on the injector so it does need to be cleaned after 3 or 4 repairs.

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