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Q. Why buy windshield repair Kits from us?
A. We are the manufacturer with over 30 years experience in the windshield repair business. We have patented technology to repair chips and long cracks up to 24 inches. No one else has tri cup tools with triple start treads and Dual Injector Long Crack Repair Technology. We can perform chip repairs in less than 5 minutes and long crack repairs in less than 10 minutes. Most other companies systems will not repair a crack over 6 inches.

Q. How is our training different from the others?
A. We provide hands on training on customers cars. No one else lets you work on real damages just as you will in your own windshield repair business. We provide a complete Insurance billing training program with our hands on training program. We help you get set up in the billing networks so you can bill your repairs online for free or fax your invoices over to us and we will do the billing for you for a $5.00 per invoice.

Q. How much do you get for the average repair?
A. Insurance companies set the rates for repairs. Your average ticket is going to be $60.00. Once you have billed the insurance company through the billing networks you can expect payment in an average of 30 days.

Q. What is my average cost of materials for a repair?
A. The average cost of materials with Crack Eraser systems is under $1.00, This includes resin, injector seals, o-rings, drill bits, paper towels, and glass cleaner.

Q. What are the advantages of your Patented Chip Repair Tool?
A. Our Aluminum chip repair tools reduce standard repair time to less than 5 minutes, by removing the air from the damage via quick vacuum and pressure cycles:

  • Eliminates the need for suction cup lubricant.
  • Repair tool has a lever suction cup that holds tool down independently.
  • One adjusting bolt makes tool easier to adjust no leveling side to side.
  • Adjusting bolt and Injector have a triple start tread to improve speed.
  • Tool adjust with less than 1 turn (versus the standard 3-5 turns)
  • Injector seldom needs cleaning because the injector treads are not in contact with the repair resin.

Q. What are the advantages of our Patented Long Crack Repair Tool?
A. Our Dual Head Injector injects two resin simultaneously. This is necessary because cracks are very tight at the tip and as they travel to the edge they get a wider and wider gap making it necessary to increase the thickness of the resin to bridge the gap which can be up to 12 thousands of an inch at the edge. At the edge you can actually stick a razor blade in the crack. A thin resin as used for chip repair is not made to bridge a gap and will fail if used in a long crack. You also need microscopic wetting in the entire crack. Our dual injector technology performs all these functions at one time making resin staging or two tools unnecessary:

  • Dual head injector technology performs long crack repairs in less than 10 minutes.
  • Tool slides along the crack with little effort.
  • Patented extension arm attaches to reach long cracks in the middle of the windshield.
  • All Patented Tools have a lifetime warranty.

Q. What's repairable damage?
A. Stone breaks up to the size of a fifty-cent piece and cracks up to 24 inches long that started cracking within the past 3 months are usually repairable. The sooner you repair the damage the better cosmetically the repair will be.

Q. Why do insurance companies pay for windshield repair?
A. Windshields have become very expensive in the last few years and break more easily because they are thinner. Insurance companies are realizing a substantial savings on their glass replacement costs by using repairs as an alternative to replacement. To promote this benefit they are willing to pay the total cost of windshield repairs.

Q. What is the purpose of repair?
A. The purpose of repair is to stabilize the damage, keep it from spreading, and restore the structural integrity of the glass. Repairs will be improved visually improved from 80% to 98%.

Q. Will I still be able to see the damage after it is repaired?
A. Most stone breaks clear up 80% -98%, leaving a very small spot where the resin was injected through the impact point. From inside the vehicle there only is a hint of where the original damage was. Cracks can be more noticeable depending on the age of the crack and how much dirt has accumulated in the crack before the repair is done. Most long cracks after repair will show a little when you view them straight on however at an angle it is usually only slightly noticeable and windshields are mounted at an angle in the vehicle so most of the glare from the sun reflecting on the crack is gone once repaired.

Q. How can you repair cracks over 6 inches, I have been told that cracks over 6 inches are not usually deemed repairable?
A. We use a patented system to repair long cracks up to 24". Long cracks can be repaired successfully with our Dual Head Injector Technology and crack repairs are safe. Long crack repair done correctly passes all government safety tests.

Q. Why don't other glass shops offer this long crack repair system?
A. Unfortunately, most glass shops are interested in selling new windshields and not saving the existing windshield. Preventive Windshield Repair saves your customers Time and Money.

Q. What is your warranty on repairs?
A. We recommend Windshield repairs you perform be warranted against spreading for as long as the customer owns their vehicle. If the damage spreads beyond the repair, you can either re-repair the extended damage or refund the original repair amount to whoever paid for the repair. In most circumstances this will be the insurance company. Offering a Lifetime Warranty on all repairs will give your customers peace of mind.

Q. How long will it take to receive my Windshield Kit or supply order?
A. Usually you can expect 3-5 business days after you place your order. If you are ordering your kit shipped out of the USA it will take 6 days to 12 days for delivery depending on the country you are in.

Q. Do you take international orders?
A. Yes we do, most overseas orders will be shipped by USPS and the web site figures to shipping cost before you finish your order.

Q. How can I place my order if I experience difficulties with your website?
A. If you should have any difficulties placing your order online, please give us a call at 719-331-5966 and we will be happy to take your order over the phone.
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