45 Chip Repair Resin - 10cc Bottle

45 Chip Repair Resin - 10cc Bottle

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45 Windshield Repair Chip Resin in a 10cc bottle.

Crack Eraser.com 10cc bottle of 45 Chip Repair Resin is used for all chip repairs in warm to hot temperatures.

45 resin does not shrink or yellow over time. Our 10cc bottle is great for the average shop needing a medium size bottle of warm weather chip repair resin. This resin is good for use in most damages it will even flow into a tight star; it just takes a little longer than 20 resin.

Once the windshield gets warm to the touch or even hot you need to step up the viscosity of you resin to speed up repairs and prevent flowering. Perform over 300 Chip Repairs with Crack Eraser Pro Injectors.

Choosing the correct resin is an important part of getting a quality repair we are here for you just give us a call at 719-331-5966 or email us at info@crackeraserprokits.com.

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