Tool Leveling Bolts

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Crack Eraser Leveling Bolt for Adjusting Windshield Repair Dual Head Bridges and Molded Bridges

Our Bridge leveling bolt is a plastic 3/8"x20x11/2" threaded bolt with knurled top and works in both the dual injector bridge and the molded single Injector Bridge. It does not work with our triple start single injector Aluminum Bridge.

Crack windshield repair tools are made to be efficient and adjust very easily to save time on windshield repairs. Our Bridge designs only need one adjusting bolt so leveling side to side is no problem. The bolts are plastic so they will not scratch the windshield during a repair. We are a solution driven company and we have 30 + years in the windshield repair industry providing quality technology you can depend on for your windshield repair business.

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