Single Injector Seals (10 pack)

Single Injector Seals (10 pack)

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Crack Eraser Injector Seals (10 pack size 105)

Crack injector seals are made of a chemical resistant material and have specially designed ribs to make a perfect seal on the glass unlike other system where getting and keeping a seal while performing a windshield chip or crack repair is tedious at best.

These black injector seals work best in our single injectors and will last for hundreds of repairs. They can even be dunked for hours in the cleaning solvents used to clean our windshield repair tools such as denatured alcohol or even Acetone without harming them.

We use these same injector seals in our shops and do not have the time or patients to mess with seals that do not seal well. You will appreciate the quality and performance over other seals.

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