Scribe for Cleaning and Probing

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Crack Eraser Scribe for removing small pieces of glass from the impact point of Rock Chips

Crack scribe is used to clean lose debris, dirt and glass from the impact point of a chip so the pit filler resin can bond properly to the glass making a nice finished windshield repair. It is also used to flex the legs of a chip by pressing down on the leg that needs to be flexed to improve resin flow to the tip of the leg. it measures 5 3/4" long and comes with 10 extra tips concealed in the base of the scribe. There is also a soft rubber tip protector to keep the sharp tip from poking you when not in use.

Windshield repair methods vary from company to company, we are experienced in most widely used windshield repair technique and we have invented many of them ourselves.

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