Injector Tool - Dual Head (Aluminum Injector and Molded Pistons)

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Crack Eraser Dual Head Injector Windshield Crack Repair Bridge for Long Crack Repair up to 24 inches

Aluminum dual head injector and Aluminum bridge injects two resins into a crack at the same time.

Patented dual injector with multi viscosity technology makes long crack repair simple and eliminates the need for switching resins as the cracks gap expands from the tip to the edge, no more guessing what viscosity of resin to use to bridge the gap on the long crack.

Aluminum repair tool with aluminum dual injector comes with suction cups but does not include the extension arm, bolts to hold the extension arm on, resins, o-rings and injector seals, they must be ordered separately.
They extension arm hold down bolts are an 8x32 bolt available at most hardware stores or you may order 2 more suction cups and use the threaded side of the cups as an alternative to bolts.

For more information or questions on the difference between single and dual injector long crack repair call us at 719-331-5966 or email us at

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