Injector - Single-Head, Aluminum (injector only)

Injector - Single-Head, Aluminum (injector only)

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Crack Eraser Aluminum Single Injector with hidden threads and triple start treads.

These patented Anodized Aluminum injectors have a triple start thread and are designed to work in Crack Aluminum Bridge with triple start threads. The use of a triple start thread speeds up tool adjusting to less than 1 turn.

Our single injector has hidden threads and the resin is not in contact with the threads. It is loaded from the top and seldom needs cleaning. Most repairs can be performed with 1 to 2 drops of resin after being loaded the first time with 5 to 6 drops of resin.

Our Anodized Aluminum single injectors are lifetime warranted and will last for years they hold 10 drops of resin so they are great for long crack repair and chip repair.

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