Injector - Dual Head - Molded (Injector Only)

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Crack Eraser Molded Dual Injector Head (Injector Only)

Our molded dual injector performs almost as well as Aluminum and has an added benefit of being more economical than Aluminum.

Crack patented dual injector is only used with the Aluminum dual head injector bridge and can repair long cracks up to 24 inches in length. It has a lifetime warranty and will last for years. If it fails to perform satisfactorily we will replace it for free. Dual head injection has advantages over single head injection when repairing windshield cracks. The ability to inject two resins at the same time gives your long crack repairs a consistent quality and takes the guesswork out of staging resins. The molded dual injector holds 10 drops of resin in each barrel and can be cleaned with Denatured Alcohol or Acetone.

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