Extension Arm for Dual Head Injector Base

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Crack Eraser Patented Aluminum Extension Arm (Attaches to Dual Head Bridge)

Some long cracks are hard to reach and require some flexing of the tip of the crack from the inside. Crack Eraser.com developed and patented this extension arm to solve the problem of reaching these long cracks. The extension arm attaches with 8x32 bolts or just use the bolt on the 1 3/8" suction cup because there use the same 8x/32 bolt. This extension arm will work for vertical and horizontal cracks.

Our company has worked on providing solutions and the technology to repair the long cracks most windshield repair shops are not doing. If you are considering adding long crack repair to you business we can help and we have tested our system for 14 years now.

For more information on long crack repair technology call us at 719-331-5966 or email us at info@crackeraserprokits.com.

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