CUS Long Crack Repair Resin - Liter

CUS Long Crack Repair Resin - Liter

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CUS Crack Repair Resin in a Liter Bottle by Crack Eraser

Crack windshield crack repair resin by the liter is great for shops with multiple locations that use resin in bulk. CUS crack repair resin is too thick for chip repair and only recommended for crack repair up to 18 inches in length. It will work on all cracks in all temperatures. Crack repair requires a specialized resin that is viscous enough to fill in a gap and flexible enough to withstand temperature changes. CUS is good for both edge cracks and floater cracks.

Buy your resin in bulk from us and we ship to anywhere in the world. International shipping is no problem. Order from the website or you may order by bank wire if you have special needs.

You may have questions about CUS crack repair resin and we would love to answer them so call us at 7129-331-5966 or email us at

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