CUS Long Crack Repair Resin - 6cc Bottle

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CUS Windshield Repair Medium Crack Repair Resin by Crack Eraser. (6cc bottle)

Crack 6cc CUS Crack Repair Resin is used for crack repair up to 18 inches. The 6cc bottle is a small bottle used for small shops or for crack testing. CUS crack resin works in all temperatures however is best used in shorter cracks or in cold temperatures. It is a medium viscosity and designed only for crack repair. It is optically matched to glass and will not shrink or yellow over time.

Crack repair is new to many shops and we have created these 6cc bottles of crack resin to give you an idea of how crack repair resins perform.

If you want us to walk you through how to repair a crack with CUS resin which is primarily used in single injectors let us know by calling 719-331-5966 or send us an email to

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