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Windshield Crack Repair Upgrade Kit Professional Auto Glass Repair System with Over 3 Hours of Training Videos

Windshield Crack Repair Upgrade Kit Professional Auto Glass Repair System with Over 3 Hours of Training Videos

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This Crack Eraser Upgrade Kit includes 3+ hours of video training and is especially designed for existing windshield chip repair businesses that want to add long crack repair. Did you know that adding proven, reliable long crack repair can increase your sales by 40% or more? With the increasingly high cost of windshields today, insurance deductibles, and the (often unexpected) additional time and expense of realigning cameras, lane-change sensors, and more - your customers will love your new long crack repair service. It’s a win-win scenario of cost savings for the customer and additional sales for you. Did you know you can charge twice as much for a crack repair than a chip repair? Did you know that crack repairs using the Crack Eraser dual injector take about 15 minutes (faster than some chip repairs!)? Did you know you can confidently warranty crack repairs made using the Crack Eraser system? We would love to show you how. Why limit your business to just chip repair? Add long crack repair now!

At our windshield repair business in Colorado, over 40% of our sales come from repairing long cracks of 12 to 24 inches in length. No other company can say this because we invented long crack repair and it really works.  Only Crack Eraser made long crack repair easy.  Crack Eraser has over 20 years of proven success. It’s in our name - crack repair is our specialty.  No other windshield repair business supplier can say that.  

With this kit, you get exclusive access to a large library of video training.  These videos provide:  detailed walkthroughs of each tool (assembly and cleaning); drills (assembly and the patent-pending Exact Drill Stop™ System); proprietary resins designed to work with the Crack Eraser dual injector for safe and reliable long crack repairs; curing tools; basic step-by-step instructions; and 2+ hours of actual repairs on customer vehicles at our shop in Colorado.  There are even detailed videos for difficult cases when repairs don’t go as expected.  As experienced chip repair professionals you know what that’s about - you likely had to learn on your own what to do when the real-world did not match what you learned in the classroom.  With Crack Eraser we will help you every step of the way.  Training is the key to long crack repair success  .  Crack Eraser is the leader in detailed “learn anywhere” video training.  As a bonus, you will also receive Crack Eraser’s chip repair video training – feel free to watch and compare to the chip repair system you use now!  We also offer in-person training at our location in Colorado as a separate purchase for those interested in learning from the inventor of the world’s leading long-crack repair system – Tim Evans. However, many customers have told us that the video training is all they need to succeed, especially for seasoned chip repair professionals.

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