20 Chip Resin - 6cc bottle

20 Chip Resin - 6cc bottle

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Crack Eraser 6cc 20 Chip Repair Resin.

If you need a small bottle of chip repair resin our 6cc 20 Chip Repair Resin is great to test, Or if your shop just does a few repairs a month this size is great.

The 20 windshield repair resin is used for all chip repairs in all temperatures. 20 resin is our great for all kinds of repairs but is especially good for tight breaks such as stars. 20 chip resin is our most popular resin.

20 chip repair resin will not shrink or yellow over time. A 6cc bottle will do over 100 Chip Repairs with Crack Eraser Injectors.

Order you chip resins online and save. Crack Eraser.com is your trusted source for windshield repair chip resin.

If you need more information email us at info@crackeraserprokits.com or call 719-331-5966. We are here to help you with your windshield repair resin needs.

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