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Injector Cleaning Brush

Injector Cleaning Brush

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Crack Eraser Injector Cleaning Brush

If for some reason your Quick Vac or Dual Head windshield repair injectors get resin build up in the injector chamber or cylinder or on the threads you may need to soak them in denatured Alcohol or even Acetone then you can run this cleaning brush down through the injector barrels and clean any remaining resin residue from the injector cylinder. The soft bristles will gently clan the cylinders of any debris and will not harm the Aluminum anodizing.

Crack has the tools and equipment you need for your windshield repair business and we stock our entire inventory 99% of it made in America. We usually ship within 24 hours and can ship anywhere in the world. We are the manufacturer and only sell quality windshield repair products.

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