Dual Head Injector Seals (10 pack)

Dual Head Injector Seals (10 pack)

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Crack Eraser Dual Head Injector Seals (10 pack size 105)

Repairing long cracks takes a softer injector seal especially when used in a Crack Eraser.com dual injectors.

We invented long crack repair tools and systems to repair cracks up to 24 inches with our dual head injector technology. Our dual head injector seals have special ridges to make a seal on the crack while the injector slides along the crack.

These injector seals can be used in our Quick Vac single injectors however they are purpose built for our dual injector.

Most shop do not even try to repair long cracks because the tools and injector seals are not designed for long crack repair. We have the technology you need to add long crack repair to your business increasing profit and sales.

For more information on injector seals call us at 719-331-5966 or email us at info@crackeraserprokits.com.

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