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Resin 4 Pack 15cc

Resin 4 Pack 15cc

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Crack Eraser 4 pack resin resupply (15cc bottles)

We allow you to select from our Popular Windshield Repair Resins to give you the best value. 15cc bottles work great for busy windshield repair shops. With our Quick Vac injectors, you can perform a repair with 2 to 3 drops of resin. Our pit filler resin is a high viscosity resin that has a high shore hardness of 75 and can be polished to a gloss just like glass. The C resin is designed for crack repairs up to 24 inches and will hold even the longest crack.

Select from:
 15cc 20 Chip Repair Resin
 15cc 45 Chip Repair Resin
 15cc C Long Crack Repair Resin
 15cc Pit Filler Resin

For more information on windshield repair resins and what resin is best for what kind of damages you are repairing. Give us a call at 719-331-5966 or email us at

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