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Metal Collet 1/16th inch

Metal Collet 1/16th inch

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1/16" drill collet. Used for FG1171 drill carbide drill bits.

Most windshield repair companies use a small drill bit for windshield repair. To hold these little carbide drill bit or burs as some people call them you need a small collet that does not normally come with a Dremel drill. If you order a complete drill from us we include the collet. This collet is not needed if you use a drill that is different then Dremel. Dremel is the preferred drill for windshield repair because it is the right size and speed for windshield repair.

Crack Eraser provides all the tools, accessories and supplies you will need for the windshield repair business. We have over 30 years experience and have everything you will need to run a successful windshield repair company. We are experts at what we do and use the same technology we sell on this site in our own business in Colorado.

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