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Needles for Tapping
Needles for Tapping
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Needles for Tapping

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Crack Eraser Bulls-Eye Tapper Needle

Our replacement needle for tapping bulls-eyes and putting a bulls-eye on the end of a crack. The tapper needle comes with a felt tab to hold onto while tapping a bulls-eye so you can easily see the bulls-eye being made.

The tapper needle with do thousands of repairs and the technique of tapping bulls-eyes gives you greater control of the repair and speeds up resin flow time. Some chips will not accept resin unless an alternate path for the resin to flow into is created. This needle in conjunction with our tapper works very well in adding a new or alternate path for windshield repair resin to flow.

In busy shops the speed that a repair can be performed means more repairs per hour increasing you profits.

Crack uses and teaches all the methods you need to perform quality repairs in the most efficient time frame. We will be happy to discuss our methods to improve your windshield repairs.

Call us for more information at 719-331-5966 or email

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