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UV Cure Lamps


Choosing the proper UV Curing Lamp is a very important step in the windshield repair process. A UV cure lamp allows the crack resin to cure faster. With a faster UV curing lamp means a faster curing process, with that, comes faster crack repairs, and with faster crack repairs, comes being able to do more windshield repair jobs throughout the day. Customers love quick services and we have the fastest cure lamps so you can service more customers. The reason why resin needs to be exposed to a UV light is to avoid shrinkage. This eliminates any type of repair failure during and/or after any windshield crack repair.


  • High powered UV technology
  • Cures resin extremely fast
  • Repairs cracks all at once

Crack Eraser provides you with the perfect ultra UV Curing Lamps that will work for any repair job. Whether it is a chip repair, long crack repair, indoor repairs, you name it, we provide high-end UV curing lamps that always deliver efficiency without every compensating for quality. Our products are made for everyone, if you are a professional in the windshield repair business or just starting out, our UV curing lamps are perfect for any level of repairs. CrackEraser’s UV Light Curing Lamps cure the resin and repair the longest cracks faster than any other competitor on the market. With impressive high powered lighting technology, our UV curing lamps are made to cure the crack resin in less than one minute flat! Crack Eraser’s newly invented high tech tools allow our curing lamps to repair up to 16-inch cracks all at once.


  • Authentic hold down kits
  • Cure cracks hands-free
  • Great for mobile businesses

We also promote a hands-free operation with hold down brackets and suction cups for lamps to always have a hands free option. These are convenient for portable use and are great for any mobile business. Crack Eraser is the only company that offers this original design of hold down kits that you won’t find anywhere else. These kits won’t allow any air to get under the repair like many other brands.

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