Fix Windshield Chips & Windshield Cracks With Ease!

Professional Windshield Repair Kits

Crack Repair Upgrade Kit for long crack repair up to 24" with Dual Injector Technology, 3+ Hours of Video Training.

Lifetime warranty on all tools 

Repair cracks up to 2 feet long! Our patented, Dual-Head Injector Technology is unique in the industry – no other supplier can repair long cracks. This technology has 13 years of proven success, and our repair process takes less than 10 minutes. 

Powered by Crack Eraser Windshield Crack Repair Upgrade Kit Features:

  • Professional windshield crack repair kit
  • 3+ Hours of Video Training ($349.00 Value)
  • Aluminum dual-injector for long-cracks up to 24 inches
  • Sunshade with suction cup hold-down
  • Resin for approximately 300 repairs
  • Training Videos Includes: Tool Assembly and Cleaning, Resins and Curing, Live Crack Repair Walk-throughs 

Powered by Crack Eraser Windshield Crack Repair Upgrade Kit Contents:

  • 1 Aluminum Crack Eraser Dual Injector with Molded Pistons (Lifetime Warranty)
  • 1 Aluminum Crack Eraser Dual Head Injector Base (Lifetime Warranty)
  • 1 Lever Suction Cup for Crack Eraser Base
  • 1 15cc Bottle of 45 Crack Resin
  • 1 15cc Bottle of CUS Crack Resin
  • 1 15cc Bottle of C Crack Resin
  • 1 Crack Expanders
  • 1 Sunshade Sun Shield
  • 10 Black Piston O-Rings
  • 10 Red Injector O-Rings
  • 10 Tungsten Carbide Drill Bits
  • 1 10oz Tube Suction Cup Lubricant
  • 1 Combination Scribe or Bulls-Eye Taper
  • 1 Bulls-Eye Taper and Needle
  • 5 Suction Cups
  • 2 Tool Adjusting Bolts
  • 1  Cordless Drill with Charger
  • 10 Cure Tabs for Finishing Repairs
  • 1 Cleaning Brush
  • 1 Tool Carrying Box

Want hands-on training? Click here to learn more.

This Crack Eraser Upgrade Kit includes 3+ hours of video training and is especially designed for existing windshield chip repair businesses that want to add long crack repair. Did you know that adding proven, reliable long crack repair can increase your sales by 40% or more? With the increasingly high cost of windshields today, insurance deductibles, and the (often unexpected) additional time and expense of realigning cameras, lane-change sensors, and more - your customers will love your new long crack repair service. It’s a win-win scenario of cost savings for the customer and additional sales for you. Did you know you can charge twice as much for a crack repair than a chip repair? Did you know that crack repairs using the Crack Eraser dual injector take about 15 minutes (faster than some chip repairs!)? Did you know you can confidently warranty crack repairs made using the Crack Eraser system? We would love to show you how. Why limit your business to just chip repair? Add long crack repair now!

Professional Windshield Repair Kits

Crack Eraser has become synonymous with high-quality professional windshield repair kits for windshield repair businesses. We've trained windshield repair companies from all over the world and helped them launch their own windshield repair businesses to great success. All of that is made possible because our Professional Windshield Repair Kits are built with professionals in mind.

Crack Eraser was founded by Tim Evans an entrepreneur and inventor with over thirty years in the windshield repair industry. During that time he's handled every chip and crack imaginable and distilled that information into a professional kit designed to help you achieve your goal: have a thriving and profitable windshield repair business.

One of the biggest things that set Crack Eraser apart from the other guys is the fact that our proprietary resins and patented windshield repair tools are capable of repairing windshield cracks up to 24 inches in length. That's not a typo. With our professional tools, you can fix cracked windshields up to 24 inches in length.

This is huge for most windshield repair business owners we talk to because the big misconception in our industry is that you can't fix a cracked windshield. This means all of your potential customers who wait too long or ask about crack repair get turned away and sent to a windshield replacement company.

No more! With Crack Eraser's Professional Windshield Repair Kits, you can take on cracked windshields and add a profitable line of revenue to your business.

Want to add professional windshield Chip repair to your business?

No problem! We've developed an add-on kit to help you quickly add Crack Eraser technology to your business so that you can expand your offering and stop sending business away.

Looking to launch your own Professional Windshield Repair Business?

Great! We provide all of the tools and training you need to build a successful and profitable windshield repair business with our Powered by Crack Eraser Professional Windshield Repair Kit. This kit is packed with everything you need to face any windshield chip repair or crack repair that comes your way. We've also included our online training (a $700 value) as an added bonus to help you quickly learn how to use the tools, watch over the shoulder as Tim fixes cracks and chips on a variety of windows.

We're proud of our patented tools, our professional-grade products, and our record of training successful entrepreneurs just like you see success with their own businesses. We can't wait to help you start yours. Buy your Powered by Crack Eraser Master Windshield Repair Kit or Crack Eraser Add On Kit Today.

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