Fix Windshield Chips & Windshield Cracks With Ease!

Start Mobile Windshield Repair Business

Start Mobile Windshield Repair Business

Crack Eraser is known for its high-quality professional Windshield repair kits for Mobile Windshield repair businesses. 

Crack Eraser was founded by Tim Evans, inventor, and entrepreneur with over thirty years in the windshield repair industry. He's handled every windshield chip and crack imaginable over that time and used that experience to create a professional kit designed to help business owners achieve their goal to have a profitable in house or mobile windshield repair business.

When choosing a company to partner with for starting a Windshield Repair Business opportunity, the largest thing that sets Crack Eraser apart from the others is the fact that our proprietary resins and windshield repair tools are able to repair windshield cracks up to 24 inches. That is no typo. Our windshield repair tools can fix cracked windshields up to 24 inches in length.

This is significant for most Mobile Windshield repair business owners we talk to because the huge fallacy in our industry is that you are not able to fix a cracked windshield. This means those potential customers who wait too long to ask about crack or chip repair are getting turned away from other companies and sent to windshield replacement companies.

Not anymore! Crack Eraser's Professional Windshield Repair Kits can take on cracked and chipped windshields and add a profit-driven line of revenue to your business.

Starting a Windshield Repair Business

Crack Eraser has trained mobile windshield chip repair companies from all over the world and helped them start their own Mobile Windshield repair businesses in their local areas. All of that was made possible because our Pro Windshield Repair Kits are built for professionals in physical locations or on the go.

The Windshield Repair Business Opportunity for You

CrackEraser provides all of the professional tools and training you need to build a successful and profitable windshield repair business with the Powered by Crack Eraser Professional Windshield Repair Kit. This kit is packed full of everything you need for any windshield repair or crack repair. We have included our online training course (a $700 value) to help you quickly learn to use the tools and watch over the shoulder as Founder Tim fixes cracks and chips on a variety of vehicles.

We are proud of our patented windshield repair tools, professional-grade products, and huge success record of training first-time business owners just like you, see success with starting their own businesses. We can not wait to help you with starting a Windshield Repair Business of your own. Buy the Crack Eraser Professional Windshield Repair Kit Today.

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