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Bottle for Thick Resins 15cc-1/2 ounce

Bottle for Thick Resins 15cc-1/2 ounce

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Crack Eraser 15cc/ 1/2 once Dropper Bottle with Black Cap and colored Tip (used for dispensing high viscosity resins)

Resins such as pit filler resin are thick windshield repair resins and are hard to dispense with the standard bottles that most windshield repair companies use. Crack has designed their own Boston round bottles for thick resins such as long crack resin and pit filler resin.

The resins flow out of these tips very easily because we built a mold for a new tip that solves this problem. Boston bottles and our new dispensing tips will protect light sensitive materials from Ultra Violet light. Dropper tip comes to a nice point to dispense material where you want it.

We have developed technologies to make your life easier as a windshield repair technician and with 30 + years experience you will be please with our specialized tools and supplies such as our special thick resin dispensing bottles.

For more information call us at 719-331-5966 or email us at

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