Windshield Repair Resupply

Get windshield repair resupplies for your business all in one place. We have the products you need for you ongoing windshield repair business, from drill bits to suction cups and resin we have you covered. This page makes ordered your supplies quick and easy.

Windshield Repair Drill Bits

Our drill bits are size FG1171 and are made of Tungsten Carbide. These drill bits have a long life and will not slip when stop drilling the end of a crack because they are a self tapping design. They come in handy 5 packs that are easy to dispense. They are designed to drill dry and are perfect for windshield repair.

Windshield Repair Suction Cups

Crack Eraser Pro tools take either a 2 inch lever suction cup or a 1-3/8″ suction cup with a 8/32 thread. The aluminum tools use either the 2 inch lever cup for chip repair or the 1-3/8″ suction cup for long crack repair. The molded tools only use the 1-3/8″ suction cup for both chip and long crack repair. These tools are lifetime warranty and are perform repairs faster than most other tools.

Windshield Repair Resin

Crack Eraser has a windshield repair resin for all types of windshield damages from chips to long cracks and our pit filler can be polished to a high clear shine to look just like the glass. Our resupply resin comes in discounted 6cc or 15cc 4 packs to save you money.

Windshield Repair Accessories

We have accessories for chip repair and long crack repair not just chip repair. Our windshield repair system is designed for the professional and is a complete chip and long crack repair system with specially patented tools for long crack repair that no one else has.

Please contact us with any questions you have concerning our windshield repair resupplies and our windshield repair systems at 719-331-5966.