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We are the Windshield Resin Manufacturer with Several Glass Repair Resins to Choose from

The Best Windshield Repair Resins Guaranteed! With Our Windshield Resins You Can Repair Chips and Long Cracks up to 24″

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With our Single and Dual Head Injector Technology & windshield resins, we have performed over 40,000 Windshield Repairs with a 99% success rate.


We have repaired over 100,000.00 vehicles with our windshield crack resins. We manufacture our own glass resin. Our Windshield repair failure rate is less than 1%. If you want to perform the best windshield repairs, you have to use the best glass resin. We spare no expense when it comes to our glass repair resin. With our Patented Tools you only need 2 to 3 drops of resin. Other windshield repair systems are very wasteful and require as many as 10 drops of resin. Our system is designed to be very cost effective, saving you money. Our glass resins are optically matched to the glass and will not shrink or yellow over time.

Need a Specific Windshield Resin for Repairs? We have them All!

Because of the way various forces like heat and pressure interact with the windshield resin and the glass, you will need to select the right glass resin for the job. We here at Crack Eraser have relied upon our 30 years of experience in the windshield repair business to help us formulate the perfect windshield resin for all of the unique circumstances windshield repair technicians such as you will experience.

For small, tight star-shaped cracks in windshields, the 20 Chip Repair Resin is the perfect choice. For vehicles that will spend ample time in warm or hot climates, the 45 Windshield Repair Resin is the best product available at holding up to that kind of stress. Our CUS Crack Repair Resin is what you need if you have large cracks, from four to eighteen inches in length. For even longer cracks, the C Long Crack Resin is what you need, and it works well when combined with 45 Windshield Repair Resin and the Dual Head Injector. This formidable resin can fix cracks up to 36 inches long. If windshield repair resin for cracks are not your problem, but pits are, then the Pit Filler Crack Resin Windshield Repair will be your lifesaver.

Your One Stop Shop for All Glass Repair Resin

When glass resin supplies run low, do not fret! Crack Eraser has got you covered. We will always have your highly trusted and work tested windshield resin in stock and ready to ship to you. Windshield repair technicians from all over the country prefer our glass repair resin because they know it was formulated by experts with a passion for keeping automobiles in great condition, and above all else value the satisfaction of a job well done. The Success rate of our products speak for themselves, but there is also no shortage of customer testimonials that speak well of our windshield resin also.