Windshield Repair Business

Do You Want To Start Your Own Windshield Repair Business?

  • Are you a self starter?
  • Are you detail oriented?
  • Are you quality conscious?
  • Are you highly motivated?
  • Are you a real “People Person”?
  • Do you Love helping others?
  • Do you Love working outdoors?
  • Do you Love Working with Your Hands?
  • Do you work well alone unsupervised?
  • Do you want to own your own business?

Did You Answer Yes to the Questions Above? Then We Want To Talk To You!

We offer Windshield Repair Business Opportunity!

Let us show you how we can get you started in your own successful business!

The Windshield Repair Business is an affordable, safe, simple, portable, easily duplicate able, economically and environmentally sound, referral based business both women and men can enjoy. The Auto Glass Repair Industry lends itself to a variety of service models; from mobile technicians in cars/vans to brick and mortar buildings. It is an ideal service based business for individuals who have the characteristics listed at the top of this page.

With our easy to use patented technology and windshield repair kits, trained technicians successfully repair windshield cracks at least 36 inches in length saving clients thousands of dollars in unnecessary replacements yearly. We are the windshield repair kit manufacturer.

Now you can build a specialized niche business in the windshield repair industry in your own community. We are now launching our windshield repair technology nationally. We have less than a 1% failure rate with our premium quality windshield repair resins; learn how you can earn extra money or a full time income providing windshield chip and long crack repairs.

We differentiate ourselves by putting a heavy focus on technique and Windshield Repair Training. We have patented technology so you can be successful! We are one of the few companies offering hands on training in Colorado. You will be repairing our customer’s windshields, calling in claims and learning how to bill the insurance companies.
On-going phone coaching is available 9am-6pm MST, Mon-Sat for as long as you need it.

  • Windshield repair kits.
  • Windshield repair training.
  • We are the windshield repair kit manufacturer.
  • This is an affordable windshield repair business opportunity.
  • Repair cracks up to 24 inches in length.

Call 719-331-5966 today and start your path to financial independence.