Professional Windshield Repair Kit for Business

Our Professional Kits for Windshield Repair will Give You Everything You Need to Succeed in this High Profit Business.

Crack Eraser includes the instructional DVD with every professional windshield repair kit sold. Become the best by learning from the best! We have three decades of experience repairing windshields and making our own windshield repair kits. Professional windshield technicians love our attention to detail in both the construction of our products, and the quality of our training programs for do-it-yourselfers and entrepreneurs alike. The opportunity is yours for the taking. Order a professional windshield crack repair kit for your business today!

The Time Tested and Expert Approved Windshield Chip Repair Kit

Our professional windshield repair kit is well known and respected by windshield repair technicians across the country because of the ease of use, reliability, and effectiveness of our tools and supplies to get the job done quickly, safely, affordability, and to standards high enough to provide a truly great service to their customers. With our windshield repair kit, professional repair techs can handle just about any size of crack or chip they come across in the field and in the shop.

Our Professional Windshield Repair Kit is One of the Best Investments Your Auto Business Will Make

Our specially formulated glass resin and injector in our professional windshield repair kits can produce an impressive repair to the simplest chip to the most complicated star patterned impacts possible on windshields. Every shop that offers other auto services should jump at the opportunity to add another great revenue source. The profit margins on windshield repair as high as ever, and the service is even covered by most auto insurance companies. Most windshield repairs will run between $50 and $70 per crack or chip. We provide mobile windshield repair kits professionals can use to repair up to a hundred chips or cracks. These professional windshield repair kits can be used to earn thousands of dollars before the resin is depleted, and when that happens, just order up some more glass resin at very reasonable prices.

Let Us Equip You with the Knowledge to Make the Most of Your Professional Windshield Repair Kit

Our most successful professional windshield crack repair kit customers are those that have attended our industry-best training courses and watched our comprehensive training videos. If you are in Colorado, come on down to our training facility to learn the best ways to not only become a master technician with your professional kit for windshield repair, but also to learn about the most efficient billing practices and dealing with insurance companies. If you cannot make it to Colorado, we can visit you upon request and of course our training DVDs are a great resource.

Crack Eraser, the Total Package

If you want to start earning in this highly lucrative field and you want to be truly great at what you do, equip yourself with our professional windshield repair kits for business. We only select tools we would personally feel comfortable using on our own vehicles, and our resins are expertly formulated to not just provide cosmetic improvement but to prevent the spread of the crack. Start using our pro windshield repair kit today and prepare to have many satisfied customers.