UV Cure Lamp BULB: 15 watt, 16 inch bulb for 24 inch lamps


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Crack Eraser Replacement Bulb for 24 Inch 15 watt UV Cure Lamps

UV replacement bulb for the 15 watt UV light, fits both 15 watt UV lamps with either the 12 volt 15 volt operation. The bulb is 16 inches long and fits the 24 inch Ultra Violet cure lamps.

UV bulb emits 365nn wave length and is perfect for curing all Crack Eraser.com windshield repair resins. With 15 watts of power you can cure chip resin in less than 1 minute and long crack resins even faster. We stock bulbs for all our UV cure lamps and can ship within 24 hours on most orders.

UV lamps are very handy when curing windshield repairs indoors or after the sun goes down. The 16 inch bulb and 24 inch Ultra Violet lamp is especially good for curing long cracks.

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