UV Cure Lamp 9 Watt 12 Volt with Hold Down

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Crack Eraser UV Cure Lamp (9 watt 12 volt with 3 inch suction cup hold down)

Crack Eraser.com is the only company offering a Ultra Violet cure lamp for the windshield repair industry that has a pump suction cup hold down. The Pump suction cup is designed for all hands free curing but is especially good for long crack repair because the UV lamp can be sucked down to the windshield to cure a long crack without pushing down on the glass and disturbing the long crack repair. The lamp can be angled to any direction to cure chips alongside your chip repair tool.

Hands free operation and a 25′ cord makes this lamp the perfect choice for the busy windshield repair shop. We carry all the accessories for our cure lamps including UV bulbs.

For more information on our UV cure lamps and accessories email us at info@crackeraserprokits.com or call 719-331-5966.