UV Cure Lamp 9 watt 115 volt

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Crack Eraser UV Cure Lamp for windshield repair (9 watt dual bulb 115 volt)

Crack Eraser.com 9 watt UV light UV cure lamp is perfect for performing repairs when there is low UV light or no UV light. Our 9 watt 115 volt UV lamp is perfect for the average chip repair shop that is performing repairs indoors.

The 6 inch curing length is great for in shop chip repairs and long crack repairs. UV light comes with a 25′ cord and 115 volt plug. Lamp cures chip repair resin in less than 1 minute. A powerful UV lamp will speed up your repairs and you can add a 3″ suction cup and hold down bracket for hands free operation.

Crack Eraser is your source for Ultra Violet cure lamps designed to cure windshield repair resin quickly.

For more information on UV cure lamps call 719-331-5966 or email us at info@crackeraserprokits.com.