UV Cure Lamp 15 Watt 115 Volt With Hold Down

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Crack Eraser 15 watt 24 inch UV Cure Lamp (includes 3 inch pump suction cup hold down kit)

Need a Ultra Violet cure lamp with hands free operation for chip and long crack repair that is perfect for you in shop repairs. This lamp cures resin is less than 1 minute and is hands free which makes it the choice for busy in shop repair companies. You can cure a 16 inch crack in one shot with your hands free to do other things.

We are the only company that has this type of lamp designed for chip and especially long crack repair because if you inject a long crack and use a lamp that you push down to such the suction cups down to the glass you will mess up the repair by flexing the windshield and putting air in the repair. This lamp prevents that from happening because it used our newly invented technology.

For more information on our unique products for the windshield repair industry call us at 719-331-5966 or email us at info@crackeraserprokits.com.