Suction Cup Lubricant


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Crack Eraser Suction Cup Lubricant (10oz tube)

Our larger tube of suction cup lubricant used to lubricate the suction cup on Crack tools. One 10 oz tube has enough lubricant to repair over 500 chips and long cracks. Chip repair requires only a small amount is needed especially if you are using our new lever suction cup Quick Vac tools. If you are using our tools with the 1 3/8″ suction cups you still only need a small amount to perform chip repair. Foe long crack repair a liberal amount of lubricant is used.

If you are a busy shop doing a lot of long crack repairs ordering the 10oz size of our suction cup lubricant will save you money. We have tested this lubricant for years and it works well with the Crack Eraser system.

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