See Clearly Velcro Adapter 3/8″


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Crack Eraser Pro Int’l 3 inch Velcro Drill Adapter

The See Clearly Velcro adapter will fit in most all drills and has a Velcro pad for attaching the buffing, cutting and foam polishing pads. Changing of See Clearly buffing pads is effortless, quick and easy to speed up the buffing and polishing process. The adapter works well in cordless or corded drills with 3/8 or 1/2 chucks. Cordless drills are nice to use for a mobile headlight restoration businesses.

The drill adapter makes changing from cutting pads to the foam pads a snap, saving time on headlight restoration. The See Clearly headlight restoration system is perfect for in shop companies or mobile operations especially where cutting down on the mess is an advantage. The adapter is very durable and will give years of service.

For more information on how the See Clearly headlight restoration method works call 719-331-5966 or email