See Clearly Headlight Restoration Cleaning Wax


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Crack Eraser See Clearly Cleaning Wax (net wt. 17.5 oz)

The See Clearly cleaning wax is used to prep headlights and remove much of the yellowing, oxidation and acid rain.
Works on all plastic and poly carbonate headlights.

This cleaner, spray wax is used to clean the headlights by spraying a small amount onto the headlight lens and letting stand for 10 minutes then remove excess wax with a paper towel or other cloth. Applying the wax is the first step in the See Clearly headlight restoration system and removes much of the cloudy residue from the headlights preparing the headlight for the buffing stages and the wax is made to protect paint also so it will not damage the paint finish if there is over spray onto the paint.

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