See Clearly 3 Heavy Scratch Remover


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Crack Eraser See Clearly 3 Heavy Scratch Remover for Headlight Restoration
See Clearly 3 is used with white 4 inch white cutting pad to remove oxidation and yellowing from headlights.

If you are tired of the messy sanding used with most headlight restoration systems you will be pleased with the See Clearly method because it does not require sanding of the headlight lens. The 3 heavy scratch remover is a heavy buffing compound that replaces the need for sanding by removing the severe oxidation; acid rain and yellowing all headlights get after a few years in the elements.

The See Clearly 3 heavy compound is the first step in the See Clearly method. It comes in a 250 milliliter bottle with a Yorker spout and dispenses easily. Just apply to the lens and buff until most of the discoloring and yellowing is removed them buff with the See Clearly 2 compound and finish with the See Clearly 1 UV protector.

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