See Clearly 2 Fine Scratch Remover


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Crack Eraser See Clearly 2 Fine Scratch Remover for Headlight Restoration

See Clearly 2 fine scratch remover is a light polishing compound used to buff fine scratches from headlight lenses. See Clearly 2 comes in a 25 milliliter bottle with a Yorker spout for easy dispensing.

Works best with the yellow buffing pad and can also be used with the Grey 3 inch foam polishing pad to remove scratches left after the See Clearly 3 heavy scratch remover is used. It can be used without the See Clearly 3 if the headlights just need a light buffing to remove oxidation and yellowing however most headlights restorations will work better is the See Clearly 3 is used first.

Crack See Clearly headlight restoration is easy to use and does not require sanding first so it is a no mess headlight restoration system that is quick and easy.

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