Resin 4 Pack 15cc

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Crack Eraser 4 pack resin resupply (15cc bottles)

We have packaged our Popular Windshield Repair Resins together to give you the best value. 15cc or 1/2 ounce bottles work great for busy windshield repair shops. With our Quick Vac injectors you can perform a repair with 2 to 3 drops of resin. Our pit filler resin is a high viscosity resin that has a high shore hardness of 75 and can be polished to a gloss just like glass. The C resin is designed for crack repairs up to 24 inches and will hold even the longest crack.

1 15cc 20 Chip Repair Resin
1 15cc 45 Chip Repair Resin
1 15cc C Long Crack Repair Resin
1 15cc Pit Filler Resin

For more information on windshield repair resins and what resin is best for what kind of damages you are repairing. Give us a call at 719-331-5966 or email us at