Razor Blade Scraper


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Crack Eraser.com Single Razor Blade Scraper

The razor blade scraper holds one razor blade and is used to clean excess windshield repair resin off the windshield after the repair is performed or it is used to buff the pit filler to remove excess resin form the impact point and give the resin a smooth finish flush with the glass, Then the impact can be polished to a shine with plastic polish or pit filler polish. The holder has a locking tab that snaps down and holds the razor blade securely in place.

Always be careful when using razor blades as they are sharp and if you slip they can cut you very easily. Using a razor blade holder is much safer than using just the razor blade without a holder.

Crack Eraser.com provides windshield repair tools, equipment and windshield repair supplies such as razor blade holders.

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