See Clearly Headlight Restoration Kit

$275.94 $227.94


Crack Eraser See Clearly Headlight Restoration Kit.

Simple to use no masking or sanding of headlights. Great kit for shops and mobile companies. Restores Headlights without removing the factory UV protective layer. Enough materials to do several headlights. (drill not included)

1 Cleaner Wax 17.5oz
1 See Clearly Heavy Buffing Compound 8oz
1 See Clearly Fine Buffing Compound 8oz
1 See Clearly UV Protector & Sealant 8oz
I Wool Heavy Cutting Pad
1 Cotton Fine Cutting Pad
I Grey Fine Polishing Pad
1 Yellow UV Finishing Pad
1 Drill Buffing Pad Holder, Backing Plate, and 1/4″ Drill Adapter (Fits: Standard 5/8″ Thread Polishers or Electric or Cordless Drills & Grinders)
1 Safety Glasses
1 Polishing Cloth
1 Buffing Compound Protective Mask
1 Tool Box