DIY Kit #2

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DIY Windshield Repair Kit for
Chip and Crack Repair

Lifetime warranty on all patented tools

Do It Yourself kit for both Chips and Cracks. Repair a variety of damages. (kit includes the Dremel Drill).

DIY Windshield Repair Kit #2 includes:

  • 1 Single-Head Injector Chip and Crack Repair Tool (Molded Repair Tool).
  • Dremel 4.8 volt cordless Drill.
  • Enough windshield repair resin and supplies for more than 60 chip repairs and 20 cracks.
  • Training DVD.
  • Reusable Tool just clean with rubbing alcohol.
  • Order more supplies when needed.

1 Crack Eraser Molded Bridge
1 Crack Eraser Molded Injector
1 Crack Eraser Adjusting Bolt
1 4.8 volt cordless Dremel Drill
1 6cc 20 Chip Resin
1 6cc Crack Resin
2 2oz Suction Cup Lubricant
2 Injector Seals
2 Piston Seals
1 Bulls-Eye Tapper and Needle
10 Cure Tabs
1 Razor Blade and Holder
1 Dremel #482 Colet
1 Drill Bit
1 Pair Gloves
1 Training DVD