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Crack Eraser Micro Fiber Buffing Cloth for See Clearly Headlight Restoration System.

The See Clearly yellow micro fiber buffing cloth is used to clean and finish polishing headlights after using the See Clearly restoration and buffing process. The buffing cloths cotton micro fibers are gentle on the headlight lens and vehicle paint. The micro fiber cloth is machine washable and can be used for multiple headlight lens restorations.

Crack Eraser Pro Kits.com has created a simple easy way to buff and polish old faded, yellow and cloudy headlights and inventories all the See Clearly supplies for your headlight restoration business. If you are doing windshield repair now and want to add headlight restoration the no sanding method is much cleaner and safer to use than other sanding systems. It requires no masking and very little cleanup.

For more information on our See Clearly headlight restoration kit call 719-331-5966 or email us at info@crackeraserprokits.com