20 Chip Resin – 250 Milliliter Bottle



Crack Eraser offers a large range of resin sizes

The 20 Windshield Chip Repair Resin in a 250 milliliter bottle is great for the higher production windshield repair shop; it is made to flow very easily into Stars and Bulls-eyes it is very strong and will not shrink or yellow over time.
20 chip repair resin is used in all temperatures for all chip types of chip repairs.

A 250 milliliter bottle can be is about the same as 10 15cc or 1 1/2oz bottles of resin and we sell empty bottles for you to fill from the 250 milliliter bottle. Buying larger sizes will save you money and is great for production shops.

Crack Eraser Pro Kits.com is you windshield repair resin outlet and has tested these resins in our own shops for years. You will get the quality you expect from our 20 chip repair resin.

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