Headlight Restoration Resupply

Headlight Restoration Supplies

  • Restore headlight oxidation
  • Prevent foggy, cloudy, discolored headlights
  • Buff away fine and unwanted scratches

Proper maintenance is key when keeping anything in good condition. Whether you need headlight restoration supplies for your own business or for your own personal use, we have just the headlight restoration supplies & products that you need to buff out the scratches and polish your headlights to make them look as good as new! Crack Eraser provides you with all of the headlight restoration supplies to keep your headlights in tip-top shape. Our patent formula is proven to eliminate damaged, discolored headlights and bring them back to life. Crack Eraser’s headlight restoration supply products remove the unwanted yellowing and oxidation from the headlights without the annoyance and inconvenience of having to sand the headlight lens like most other products.

What’s the Purpose of Headlight Restoration Supply Products?

Aged headlights that suffer from oxidation and have that dull discolored and cloudy appearance are not just a cosmetic issue but are also a safety concern. The haziness affects the overall brightness of the headlights leaving you with lower visibility especially when driving at night. The damage is mostly caused by the sun’s radiation when it penetrates through the plastic.