CUS Medium Repair Resin

CUS long crack windshield repair resin is designed for windshield crack repair on short to medium length cracks. It is a medium viscosity resin that can be used in single injectors. It is best used in cooler weather or on floater cracks “cracks that do not go off the edge of the windshield”.

CUS windshield repair resin is too thick to use in a chip repair and is only used for crack repair. Only a few shops repair cracked windshields because they do not have the correct crack resins and tools to perform crack repair. Crack has the repair resins and tools you need to perform crack repairs and we offer our 30+ years experience in crack repair to help anyone add crack repair to their windshield repair business.

Our liters of resin offer an exceptional value and if you only need a small amount of crack resin we have that also in our 6cc, 10cc and 15cc bottles. The web site will figure shipping internationally and will also discount your order if you order quantities of crack resin.

If you are a windshield repair shop owner and you are only doing chip repair we can help you add crack repair even if you only have single injector windshield repair tools. Our resins work in all windshield repair tools. Windshield repair companies all over the world are just now starting to add crack repair to their business.

We are here to help if you have any questions on adding crack repair or how to use our resins for repair cracked windshields will be happy to help. We wrote the book on crack repair and have the experience and guidance to help you succeed in your windshield repair business.

For more info or to order by phone call is at 719-331-5966 or email us at