C Long Crack Repair Resin Resupply

We have all the resin resupply for long crack windshield repairs at your service. Whether you need a small or large amount of resin for a long windshield crack repair, get all of your business supply needs with any of our 6cc, 10cc, 15cc, 250ml, or our 1-liter bottle of C Long Crack Repair Resin.

What is C Long Crack Windshield Repair Resin?

  • High Viscosity Resin
  • Best for Long Crack Windshield Repairs
  • Repairs cracks up 24 inches long
  • Can be used at any temperature setting

Windshield repair resins come in all different viscosities, or thicknesses. When choosing a resin, the size of the chip or crack is very important. For deep chips and long windshield crack repairs need a much higher viscosity. The C Long Crack Repair Resin, developed by Crack Eraser, is a thicker resin and is key for long crack windshield repair. This patent technology will effectively repair cracks that are up to 24 inches long and sometimes even longer. The high viscosity adhesive makes this resin able to easily fill in the gaps of the larger cracks and permanently bind and seal the crack on your windshield. Unlike any other, the C Long Crack Repair Resin can be used in any temperature and is the ultimate resin for any long windshield crack repair.

How to Get the Best Result With the C Long Resin?

This windshield repair resin for long crack repairs works at it’s best when used with the dual head injector tool. When combined with this tool, the resin is able to penetrate in the crack simultaneously with a second resin. The one thing to keep in mind when doing a long crack windshield repair is that a thicker adhesive will not reach in the tip of the crack. The dual head injector allows the thinner resin to be pushed and feature into the tip of the cracks where the thicker resin can’t reach. Crack Eraser is the one and only brand that offers this technology and the reason why our products are the best on the market.