Pro Repair Kits

Chips Crack Length Number of
Aluminum Tools
Number of Repairs Number of
Simultaneous Repairs
Pro Kit #1 x Up to 18″ 100 1
Pro Kit #2 x Up to 18″ 1 Single Injector 300 1
Powered by Crack Eraser Master Kit x Up to 24″ 1 Single Injector for Chips &
1 Dual Injector for Long Cracks up to 24″
500 2


Welcome to, your home for the best professional windshield chip and crack repair kits online. Offering reliability, quality, and a solution that works – our windshield repair kits are perfect for repairing all types of chips and cracks up to 24”. Crack Eraser kits were designed by Tim Evans, an entrepreneur, and inventor with over 30 years’ experience starting and running his own (and on-going) businesses. Crack Eraser kits offer advantages such as tools with fast triple-start threads and resin loading from the top (so you don’t have to flip the tool over every time you start). Crack Eraser tools have a special design that uses ¼ the amount of resin and our proprietary resins cure much faster than competitor products. We have suction cup holders on our UV curing lamps that allow you to walk away and start the next repair. What does all this amount to? With professional windshield repair kits from Crack Eraser, you can efficiently perform more repairs in less time, day after day, month after month – creating more revenue for your business.
Crack Eraser professional windshield repair kit products and our industry-leading training provide you with one of the lowest-cost opportunities to start your own business or improve the efficiency of your on-going windshield repair business. We have many customers who started with competitor products and switched to Crack Eraser after learning the advantages of our products, training, a network of professionals, and on-going business support from an industry-leading innovator, Tim Evans. Are you looking for a low-startup cost side hustle, a full-time be-your-own boss business, an addition to your on-going automotive repair business, or an improvement to your existing windshield repair business? Whatever your reasoning – Crack Eraser provides everything you need.


As automotive technology advances (embedded cameras, heads-up-displays, driving support for lane changes, and automated driving control) windshields continue to get more and more expensive. Yet, hazards such as trucks throwing up rocks and road resurfacing cause broken windshields every day. As the cost of windshields go up and up, car owners (individuals and businesses with fleets) are more motivated than ever before to search for repair solutions versus expensive and time-consuming windshield replacement. Another advantage is today’s environmental awareness and concern – in addition to saving money, customers can feel good about reducing the negative environmental impact of throwing non-biodegradable / non-recyclable windshields into diminishing landfills and the environmental impact of mining and pollution associated with the production of each new windshield. What does all this mean? There is a huge and profitable market out there, even for the smallest operations! A professional windshield repair kit from Crack Eraser will provide everything you need to make fast and high-quality repairs that lead to happy repeat customers in this environmentally friendly and growing market.


In addition to the training session, your kit will come complete with a host of necessary windshield repair items that will last you through a fixed amount of windshield repair jobs. Included with these items are:

  • Crack Eraser Bridges and Injectors
  • Windshield Repair Training in Monument, Colorado or Murfreesboro, Tennessee
  • Chip Resin
  • Crack Resin
  • Injector O-Rings
  • Tube Suction Cup Lubricant
  • Scribe or Bulls-Eye Tappers
  • And much, much more

Of course, the components of each kit vary, depending on which one you get; however, you can expect one thing from each and every one: the ability to start your business, and the ability to keep it going for quite some time.

In the end, if you are thinking of starting a new business, or if you want some sort of extra income, our pro windshield crack repair kit is the best thing for you. Take a hold of your own fate, and get your business started today! Contact us today or call 719-331-5966 if you need more information concerning our windshield crack repair kit, or just check out the rest of our site for more information. We know you won’t regret it.

Good luck with your new business, and enjoy your professional windshield repair kit!