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Welcome to, your home for the best do it yourself windshield chip and crack repair kits online. Crack Eraser DIY kits were designed by Tim Evans, an entrepreneur, and inventor with over 30 years’ experience in the windshield repair industry. Crack Eraser DIY kits offer advantages such as a professional quality reusable molded tool, professional quick-cure resin, written and video instructions, and phone support. Why are Crack Eraser DIY kits better than the $10 kits? Those kits advertise (or worse, don’t tell you until you purchase and open the box) a fix for simple chips. What cheap kits don’t tell you is that windshield chips are like snowflakes, each one is different and only 10% on average are types that can be repaired with their kit. Crack Eraser kits will handle all types of chips and cracks up to 18”. Crack Eraser is the only DIY kit that can truly handle crack repairs up to 18” – crack repairs require thin resin at the impact point and progressively thicker resin near the endpoint. Crack Eraser DIY kits provide two resins which are mixed as the tool slides down the crack to provide a near-professional quality repair that can last for the life of the windshield.


As automotive technology advances (embedded cameras, heads-up-displays, driving support for lane changes, and automated driving control) windshields continue to get more and more expensive. Yet, everyday hazards cause such as trucks throwing up rocks and road resurfacing cause broken windshields every day. Replacing a damaged windshield can even lead to add-on costs such as realignment or recalibration of associated technology. Replacing a damaged windshield also has an environmental impact – windshields are rarely recycled due to the lamination of inner and outer glass with a plastic core. Producing new windshields requires mining and production that pollutes the environment. Repairing your own windshield can save hundreds to over a thousand dollars in replacement cost (depending on the type of car) and is environmentally friendly. Give it a try! Crack Eraser will provide the tools and support to get it done.

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